New Film Aims to Counter Bias Against Farmed Seafood

Dongo Films, a Brussels, Belgium-based collective of independent documentary filmmakers, are hoping to raise more than EUR 325,000 (USD 355,700) on public fundraising platform Kickstarter to make a film promoting sustainable aquaculture. Their goal is to reach the ambitious target by 22 March, 2020, which will allow filming to start this summer.

The film, AquaPioneers, is the brainchild of filmmakers Marjolijn Prins and Mathias Ruelle, working with production manager Heleen Bolle. They are being advised by Marjolijn’s brother, sustainable aquaculture expert Tom Prins, a dealflow manager with venture capital firm Aqua-Spark, based in the Netherlands.

Their aim is to tell the personal stories of five “aqua-pioneers,” who were chosen following conversations with dozens of fish farmers, ocean entrepreneurs, and environmentalists from around the world.

“When done right, aquaculture has the potential to be a great force of ecological and social good. It can contribute in an extremely positive way to the health and future of our planet,” Marjolijn Prins said.