Stories to TellA series of short stories

With 20 years of research and development, we have many exciting adventures and learnings to share.  Across the lands and the oceans our business was founded on a passion for the protection of our oceans and rare species.  We combined world first methodologies, leased 413 hectares of the ocean and now deliver a premium range of product across the world.  From nature narratives to ocean adventures and to a group of likeminded people, you can read all about it here. Enjoy.

Sustainability Narrative

The phenomenon of our world - from the lands and oceans to our plants and animal life. Learn more about our beautiful story, driven by a passion to be sustainable

Ocean Grown Abalone produces wild, ocean grown Greenlip Abalone. They’re wild caught from the sustainable and enhanced fishery, located in...
Ocean Grown Abalone is the world’s first commercial abalone ranch. Juvenile Greenlip Abalone are reared on artificial reefs, known as...

Daily Adventures

We are always curious and driven to make a meaningful difference. Everyday is an adventure to push the boundaries and make a meaningful difference.

Where the Lands Meet the Oceans EP 05
Where the Lands Meet the Oceans EP 04