Rare Foods Australia on ABC Landline

Watch Rare Foods Australia (ASX: RFA) as we were featured on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)’s popular Landline show.

Viewers were able to watch veteran journalist Sean Murphy interview our company’s founder Brad Adams, together with General Manager for Sales & Marketing Alex Wilson, plus guests Matt Watson from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and winemaker Sasha McDonald from Glenarty Road.

In an uplifting segment covering the past 11 years, Brad covered; our company’s origins, progress, innovations that turned into industry-leading Abalone ranching, our focus on Sustainability end ESG goals, plus our growth initiatives including our nation-leading Ocean Cellaring of wines (which is getting a lot of interest), plus our push into the Retail consumer space (launching outlets, growing eCommerce, running Tours in Augusta).

Watch the segment below, or click the link to watch the segment on ABC News.