Rare Foods Australia Pushes for Global Growth on ausbiz

Rob Jorden of Rare Foods Australia (ASX: RFA) outlines the company’s robust performance despite noting a loss in the latest annual results. He attributes the setback to a $1,000,000 investment aimed at unlocking the company’s growth potential.

This investment led to a more than 30% growth in staff numbers, a smart supportive system, and a $600,000 expenditure set aside for scrutinizing feasible prospects. Rob underscores the role of the Wild Greenlip Abalone; the company’s pioneering product harvested through an inventive artificial reef methodology, unique to the company on a global scale.

In terms of markets, Rob highlights their strategy involves engaging master distributors worldwide, with Hong Kong accounting for 70% consumption of their products. He finishes off by voicing his and Rare Foods Australia’s thrill over enriching their product variety through the one-of-a-kind Ocean Cellaring system and encourages everyone to sample their high-end products at their Augusta-based storefront.