Rare Foods Australia unveils Ocean Cellaring trial on ausbiz

From ausbiz:

Rob Jorden of Rare Foods Australia (RFA) unveils an inventive ocean cellaring trial, a method of aging wine on the ocean floor. Rob’s aspiration to team up with French-based Winereef International stems from their prior successful ocean cellar trials commenced in 2020.

Rare Foods Australia is expanding the idea of rearing an MSC-accredited wild greenlip abalone in a man-made reef by adopting Wine Reef’s patented ocean cellaring technique. This technique employs 250-litre vats fastened to the ocean floor where secondary fermentation takes place, producing approximately 200,000 bottles of wine per year. Rob underscores the benefits of this cellaring process – it results in a richer product due to the consistent temperature and ocean waves, and it’s cost-effective since it eliminates the energy expenses linked with land-based procedures. Rob points out this initiative as a crucial step in diversifying and expanding Rare Foods Australia in the international premium market.