1. Gently remove abalone stomach away from shell. Place the stomach on a cutting board, wipe dry with a paper towel. The largest end of the stomach shall have a green coloured section (female abalone) or a whitesection (male abalone), this is the abalone gonads or liver. Gently trimthis section away from the stomach with a sharp knife. Place the liver on paper towel and gently push out excess fluid (dark colour). Save any abalone juice/blood.
  2. Thinly chop garlic.
  3.  Add 1 tbsp butter into fry pan on medium heat. Add chopped garlic.
  4.  Add abalone stomach and any juice/blood to the garlic butter and mix well the stomach into the butter.
  5. Slowly add cream while mixing and breaking down the liver into the sauce. Once cream begins to bubble add 2 tbsp of butter and mix through the sauce.Remove from heat and push sauce through fine strainer.
  6. Add sauce to your favourite cooked pasta or risotto.